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The People's Dental Association PDA NETWORK NEWS Issue 7

Life's most valuable asset is health... and yet in today's world it is frequently valued only after it is lost. Very few people today have escaped the problems of dental cavities and gum infection. The few who are totally free of gum disease, no cavities, no fillings, and no gum problems at all enjoy common ingredients in their health picture.

Good nutrition is a key factor among the group who enjoy freedom from any dental problems. Teeth, like bones, are made up of primarily calcium and phosphorus. Individuals who, at any time in their lives have been shortchanged of these two valuable elements in their diet, will most likely suffer adverse dental effects... soft teeth, weak bone support for the roots, etc. The saliva that is produced for us by glands in and around the moth contains calcium and phosporus in solution, along with various enzymes.

The calcium and phosphorus ions help to keep teeth strong by depositing themselves in the outer layers of the teeth. Therefore, under the "right conditions", teeth are constantly being hardened or mineralized. This condition is a factor enjoyed by all "decay immune" people. Those experiencing decay can, if they so choose, reverse the decay process (demineralization) and bring about remineralization, thereby eliminating the need for drilling and filling, or pulling of the teeth.

Sound too good to be true? Not really if you possess the proper KNOWLEDGE, and are willing to take ACTION.

Many people simply do not know exactly how teeth and gums get into trouble, so if one lacks knowledge, it's possible to take corrective action.

Teeth and supportive jawbones are weakened by improper nutrition, or by toxic waste products produced by bacterial colonies collecting within the mouth. The toxic waste products raise havoc with the calcium and phosphorus of the teeth and they cause inflammation of the gums. Cavities appear in areas of greater concentrations of the acid-like waste products and if inflammation of the gums is allowed to persist for any length of time, it leads to infection of the gums.

Loose, puffy gums is the next step in the deteriorization process. Prolonged loosening, flabby gums, destroy the connective fibers that hold our gums tight to teeth and bone. Then a space develops between the neck of the tooth and encircling gum tissue. This "abnormal" space is commonly called a pocket. As the space (pocket) deepens, it then erodes away the bone that holds the teeth in place. This is commonly referred to as pyorrhea. More teeth are lost due to pyorrhea than due to decay. About 98% of all Americans have at least some areas of diseased gum tissue in their mouths, over half of these are also experiencing a progressive "bone loss". 

Most health oriented people these days know a good diet from a bad one. The so-called "secrets of nutrition" are really NOT secret at all to the nutrition conscious individuals who care about themselves and their minds and bodies. The building blocks of all body tissues are similar. A diet lacking in essential elements will suffer consequences throughout the body, not just in one organ or tissue. The building blocks of both teeth and bone are calcium and phosphorus, but shortages of these two ingredients will cause other problems as well.

Those who enjoy good nutrition but still suffer dental problems are generally suffering the ravages of toxic waste products stemming from an overabundance of bacterial colonies within the mouth. For many people brushing and flossing is not enough to completely control dental problems, especially those who have already developed pockets at the necks of the teeth. conventional cleaning is simply not enough to rid the mouth of the toxic waste products responsible for all the trouble.

For years dentists and gum tissue specialists have recommended gum and bone surgery to cut away loose, flabby gums and infected bone. Supposedly after healing, the mouth can then be "again" kept clean by brushing and flossing. this is seldom the case, however, and most people wind up in the same condition in a short time and are told that surgery is necessary again and again. The reason for this is that the real "cause" of the problem is not being attacked. a "cut job" is not the solution to the problem. The solution is hidden in a common sense approach to eliminating the toxic waste products; a solution, by the way, recommended by Dr. Levi S. Parmly in a book; "A Practical Guide To The Management Of The Teeth", published in 1819! Most schools of thought today give Dr. Parmly credit for being the first dentist (scientist?) to discover and report the real cause of cavities and gum infection. The majority of the American public lack this KNOWLEDGE, therefore cannot take ACTION.

Once pockets form (98% of Americans have early, moderate or severe pocket formation), brushing and flossing alone cannot remove toxic waste products from these "below the gum line spaces". The only way known to accomplish this flushing away of the disease-producing toxins is by use of an oral irrigator, i.e. Via-jet , for example. If the pockets are shallow, the regular, large -opening Via-jet tip is adequate. If the pockets have become moderate (even in limited areas), then a "Special Tip" or elongated directional (cannulae) tip is necessary.

When the toxic waste products that are being trapped in "below the gum line spaces" are flushed out daily with warm salt water, the body's normal reparative processes set in and heal the diseased gum tissue. In most cases, once the gum disease begins to heal, the bone follows suit, growing back new bone where it's been lost and tightening up loose, wobbly teeth (self-help healing of pyorrhea).

In mouths where bacteria toxins run high, the decay process is also represented, so by eliminating the bacterial waste products from the teeth and gums the decay process stops, as well as gums and bone healing.

The saliva can then return to its God-intended condition of healing fluid rather than a sewage-transmission fluid. Only when this "healing fluid" state is acheived can cavities harden (remineralize). When toxic waste products abound, everything gets worse, not better. The human body normally produces approximately one quart of saliva each day. When this saliva exists under such environmental conditions to be in the "healing fluid" state, then and only then will:

  1. Cavities heal (remineralize)
  2. Gums heal (rejuvinate)
  3. Bone heals (tightening up loose teeth)

Purifying the saliva and mouth can be speeded up today with new "state of the art" products.

A paste with a formulation of highly concentrated calcium and phosphorus ions (with a remineralizing catalist) has recently been developed by a biochemical company here in this country. To combat the build-up of bacterial colonies (producers of toxic waste products) a new teeth cleaning substance has been developed to retard the bacterial colonies from growing in the first place. 

Yet another product, a rinse, is available to kill off high concentrations of bacteria shown to be excessively high. 

Finally, another approach at replacing unwanted pathogens with beneficial microbes has been developed as a lozenge.  Just as we look to yogurt for beneficial active 'cultures' or probiotics for proper G.I. function, a specific 'culture' has been singled out for its effectiveness against both tooth decay and gum disease.

It is important to note here that the 2% of the public who are immune to cavities and gum problems, do not need these products, and diligent and effective removal of all bacterial colonies will, in time, produce the same beneficial effects. 

These products are only intended to hasten the process in cases where conditions are considered moderate to severe.

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